Energy and Climate Action Plan Measures Addressed: BE-30, BE-31, BE-2

The committee is focused on developing programs to reduce energy consumption and build local clean energy in Oakland. Renewable energy resources abound in the East Bay. When harnessed, they can be a source of economic development and jobs for our communities, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We see the development of local energy resources (both demand reduction and new generation) as key to growing sustainable business, advancing social equity, and promoting community resilience.

Our current efforts are to:

  • Organize a major campaign, the Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland campaign, to establish, in conjunction with other East Bay cities, a Community Choice energy program for Oakland that provides community benefits to residents and businesses of our city. Community Choice allows a community to determine where its electricity will come from. It is a vehicle for developing local renewable resources in a way that provides for greenhouse gas reductions, local economic development, clean energy jobs, the lowering of electricity bills, creation and retention of wealth within the community, greater community resilience, especially to those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and other benefits to the community. See
  • Advocate for energy efficiency upgrade programs to be accessible to low-income residents and renters.