Oakland Climate Action Coalition


Check out what OCAC has been up to in 2015-2016, read our  People’s Climate Resilience Campaign Plan!

The Oakland Climate Action Coalition is a cross-sector collaboration striving to lead Oakland’s response to climate change—both mitigation and adaptation—through sustainable, equitable, community-based economic development.

We are an alliance of community, labor, faith-based, and environmental groups that includes some 30 organizations that work with communities impacted by climate change to create a more resilient Oakland where all residents can survive and thrive. By championing creative, transformational solutions to the economic and climate challenges of the city, the Coalition seeks to improve the health and wealth of Oakland’s communities.

The Oakland Climate Action Coalition sees low-income residents and communities of color as the main authors and architects of climate solutions. Since 2009, the Coalition has worked with the City of Oakland to engage residents in the development of the Oakland’s Energy and Climate Action Plan, and it continues to work closely with the City to advance effective and equitable implementation of the Plan.

The Coalition’s four campaigns reflect its mission of building an equitable, thriving, resilient, local green economy. Together they represent a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by addressing Oakland’s need for economic development, public transportation, healthy food, affordability, resilience, and other aspects of community health.

People’s Climate Resilience Campaign Summary

Adaptation & Resilience

To create institutions and infrastructure that build resilience among communities that stand to be most affected by climate change impacts.…

Food Justice & Land Access

To secure a stable, local food supply through urban agriculture projects that involve access to unused lands, healthy food production in low-income communities, and development of local businesses.…

Transportation & Land Use

To advocate for affordable transit-oriented development and measures that guarantee safe, reliable, frequent, and affordable transit service as well as affordable housing, renter protections, and housing rights.…

Renewable Energy

To establish a Community Choice energy program focused on energy efficiency and local renewable energy resources, with strong participation from low-income communities.…